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Healthier Snacks

Are in High Demand

Aramark’s Snacks That Fit Your Life program delivers healthier choices. Some popular snacks are better-for-you since they contain less of what you are trying to avoid like calories, fat and sodium. Other snacks are good-for-you because they include wholesome ingredients with positive nutrition value. With Snacks That Fit Your Life, you can make snacking an important part of your healthy lifestyle. We offer healthier snacks that fit your preferences, in our cafes, micromarkets and vending machines. To learn more, click here.

Better Beverages

How To Stay Hydrated

The role of beverages in a healthy diet should be hydration. Better beverages help you stay hydrated with drinks that taste great and offer a healthier choice. Better beverages do not contain large quantities of high-calorie sweeteners. To learn more, click here.